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Testing and Reviewing DesignWare Nocode Tools and Collaborating for making it Better !



πŸ’¨ Still in my 2021 goals, I worked a lot with dev or startup teams around the world in order to share or help some if I allowed itπŸ˜….

❀ It’s a super fun adventure and it gave me many opportunities and visions that I never expected. ❀

πŸš€ For a few weeks now I have been working with designware co. a NO-CODE startup which offers Design and Creation Tools for apps & websites a bit like Figma or Wix etc through their DDM Lucie Loubet and I really appreciate doing the complete Review of their current MVP. πŸš€

πŸ”₯ They have a lot of modules coming up and are in a very interesting branch of tech right now which is the nocode and which I think will be the new standard in a few years. I am planning a more detailed article on this topic and I hope you enjoy itπŸ”₯.

πŸš€ For my part, the adventures follow one another and I have more and more fun. I went from a simple tech enthusiast to WhiteHat then FullStack Developer and now the adventures have led me to do code reviews and consulting for teams and boxes everywhere this is the proof of NEVER GIVE UPπŸ’ͺ 🏾. We Will Keep The Good Work Going. πŸš€

The Brief

What I Did ?
➀ Testing and Review
➀ Touching the Code and Deeply Inspecting it
➀ Collaborated with their Director of Digital Marketing for improving their Product Adoption Process.
  • Date : 05.07.2021
  • Client : Designware
  • Category : Consulting Oversea
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