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About Script in Powershell for sending Enov campain files to Remote Implicit SFTP Server.



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IMPLICIT-SFTP-FILE-SENDER is a Powershell script using WINSCP for sending files to an Remote Implicit SFTP server. The program also have File Change detection system for sending automatically the most recent File in the [CONTAINER] folder.

💨 What is this Library for? 🤔

IMPLICIT-SFTP-FILE-SENDER is a small library that is useful for filtering a One Level or Multi Level Depth array of objects with multiple match-criteria. The exposed methods receives an array as the first argument, and a plain object describing the fields to filter as the last argument.

Note: This library can only be used with Powershell or WSF but you already know that 🤦🏿‍♂️.

✨ Key Features 🎯

  • Use it without Installation because all the dependencies are Provided.
  • CHANGE AUTO DETECTION by Event listeners attached in the CONTAINER folder.
  • Optimized for Great Performance even with Big Fat @/@ Files .
  • ✅ TOO EASY TO USE !! 🥳🥳
  • Date : Jan 2022
  • Category : Open Source - DevOps
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