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« Amour Paradoxal » is a book that I wrote following many requests from people who read my Quotes. It is a Modern Novel / Chronicle which evokes many taboo subjects in Senegalese society.

His style is intended for people with a great open-mindedness and who have a mature and philosophical outlook on the world and on humans.

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The Brief

What Is It ?
This is a different story than any you have read or heard. It is the story of the life of a man for whom love does not have the same definition as the one you have. Let yourself be carried away by the first person narration of a sad and dark story of a Love that is not at all common.

➀ Team behind :
- Aminata Thiam (@amina_choco_thiam)
- AΓ―da Ba (@aidaaa.baa)
- Ndeye Awa Thiam (@ndeye_awa)
- Awa Evelyne Diop (@evelynediop1)
- Adja Mbollou NDIAYE (@mbolloundiaye23)
  • Date : 13.11.2019 - OnGoing πŸš€
  • Client : The World
  • Category : Books - Chroniques
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